Over my career I have been very fortunate to speak at a variety of conferences and webinars.  If you have an idea for a presentation or webinar, please reach out!


Currently, nothing is scheduled!



April 22nd, 2021: Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley and Bob Walker: Using Fast Feedback to Get High Quality Releases
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video

March 10th, 2021: Better Release Management With Octopus Deploy
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video

Feb 10th, 2021: Getting Started with Database DevOps with Alex Yates and Bob Walker
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video


December 17th, 2020: Shaping Up Engineering at Octopus Deploy
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video

December 3rd, 2020: 2020: A Year of Octopus
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video

October 29th, 2020 Practical Self Service DevOps with Runbook Automation
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video

June 3rd, 2020: The latest Database DevOps Techniques in AWS
Redgate Webinar | Video

March 19th, 2020: What's New In Release 2021.1
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video

January, 23rd, 2020: Lessons I Learned About Automating Database Deployments
DeliveryConf | Video


September 2019: Automating your Database Deployments

July 19th, 2019: Super Charge your CI/CD Pipeline with Infrastructure as Code
KCDC | Session Info


December 8th, 2018: Scale your Octopus with Spaces and Workers
Octopus Deploy Webinar | Video

October 2018: How Database DevOps Will Help You To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
Redgate SQL in the City Summit


December 15th, 2016: How Redgate helped define our database deployment process
Redgate SQL in the City Streamed

September 2016: Secure ASP.NET Development
Heartland Developers Conference


September 2014: Test Driven JavaScript Development
Heartland Developers Conference